Physiotherapists assess function and mobility and help patients achieve optimal physical function and well-being. A physiotherapist is a crucial part of the rehabilitative process for individuals with muscle, joint and/or nerve pain/dysfunction. They are also an essential component of preventative health care and can assist patients in reaching their wellness goals – from weight management to individualized strength and flexibility program development.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves manual mobilization of the soft tissues and joints. It can be utilized as a form of relaxation or as a crucial therapeutic component of rehabilitative health care. If you, like so many of us, feel the effects of everyday stresses, muscle strains and overuse pain, book an appointment with our highly skilled (and just generally awesome) Registered Massage Therapist, Anne.


Chiropractic is a form of health care that specializes in diagnosis and treatment of biomechanical dysfunction of the body, especially the spine.  Often chiropractic treatment involves a manual therapy technique known as “manipulation”. Treatment often focuses on the spine but can also involve peripheral joints or soft tissues such as muscles, tendons or fascia. Chiropractors are also trained to advise on lifestyle habits as well as therapeutic exercise.


A newly regulated health care profession under the Newfoundland Kinesiology Association and the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance, Kinesiology is the study of human movement and performance as it pertains to individual health and well-being.

Kinesiologists offer services such as exercise prescriptions, wellness programs, disability management, ergonomic evaluations, and functional ability evaluations to prevent and treat chronic disease or injury.

Our Kinesiologist offers individually designed exercise programs that are tailored to fit each client’s specific goals and requirements whether it is to treat acute injury or chronic disease, or to improve strength and cardiovascular health.